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ES8473 MFP


Technical data – ES8473dnv MFP

A4: Pages / minute
A4: 35 Pages / minute
9.5 seconds
1200×600 dpi
600×600 dpi
600×600 dpi
1290 MB
400 sheets
2005 sheets
Under 64 kg
54 dB(A)
PostScript3(Emulation), PCL5c, PCL6(XL), EPSON FX, IBM ProPrinter, XPS, PDF(v1.7)
USB 2.0 Device, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Host USB x 2, Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n (optional)
10000 Pages
36 Months, Bring-In Service

Faster print and copy speeds and higher capacity consumables make the ES8473 MFP the ideal solution for the most demanding workgroups. With print speeds of up to 35ppm and just 9.5 seconds to the first page out time in colour and mono, larger workgroups can use the ES8473 MFP with ease. Low user intervention and lower total cost of ownership, together with the ease of use operator panel ensure the whole workgroup is more productive and efficient.

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